Types of tea

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 Types of tea

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Types of tea

The tea is an evergreen trees, and ageing trees, each tree lived for more than 50 years. In the world there are hundreds of types of tea trees, in China alone there are closer to the 300 species of trees that produce tea leaves.

To all the tea world out of one! They are regular scientific name tea leaves (Camellia sinisas), and that's what makes the difference in types is the type tree itself, strange fact is that there are no particular tree give only green tea or red tea, white tea district. Tea leaves contain two completely separated chemicals alhi akhdaraa apart (they are inactive), and the convergence of these two articles with oxygen and their interaction that produces the red color in the tea, the more this interaction, with red tea dye to black.

There are three factors to increase the production of the red stuff in the tea leaves, which are:

• Edit more articles chemicals from separate whereabouts within the structures of the tea leaves.
• Providing oxygen for these articles to react faster.
•The last factor is giving them a long time to interact, the more time, the more firm interaction, this is similar to the altfhah cut in half, initially be white then turns to black by oxygen. What tea producers to deliver tea leaves from farmers is to apply, depending on the processing method produces a type of tea, this is the major tea production methods (four types):

• Green tea:

This tea is produced when our endeavors on the tea leaves carefully without scratches or cracks that dry, so be prevented where oxidation

• Oolong:

This tea is produced from simple incisions occurs in tea leaves before drying, giving her a slight oxidation, this produces light red tea.

• Black tea:

It produces through the fragmentation and cutting up the tea leaves before drying, allowing severely oxidation reaction and quick.

• Silver tea (white tea):

It is one of the rarest types of tea: is produced from picking small buds and small leaves of tea before turning green, where care is gently after picking, dry them very carefully, making it one of the rarest types of tea, it needs a big effort to produce them making their price is high, and the number of small producers.
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Types of tea
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