The Importance of Proper Nutrition

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 The Importance of Proper Nutrition

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People often overlook the critical issue is proper nutrition, proper nutrition in human life of the most important things that affect human health, both physical and psychological. And the communities they have overlooked this issue many problems, including the problem of academic achievement among students in some schools late, as well as problems of delayed motor development and verbal abuse of children in the first growth stages, along with anemia caused by weak or inadequate nutrition. The issue of providing integrated meal elements and vitamins for man challenging for many communities, especially poor ones. The importance of proper nutrition in life lies in several aspects of life, including the following in this article.

The importance of proper nutrition :

* That proper nutrition plays in human grants the ability to concentrate and learn, at every stage of human life needs energy which enables him to focus and thinking and learning, and this energy undoubtedly comes from food and proper nutrition. Glucose, for example resulting from digesting food uses in providing the necessary energy for the cells of the body to build tissues, and compensation for damaged cells, besides getting the energy needed to do different activities. Many types of food contributes to increasing human mental mental health, increasing the capacity of thinking and concentration, and example nut containing phosphorus components that nourish brain cells and strengthening it alongside the many benefits.

* That proper nutrition plays in human mental health, contemporary life and sense of responsibilities and obligations rests with human caused him a lot of anxiety and stress which may develop into mental illnesses like depression etc. Proper nutrition will contribute to improving the human condition mental fit some important nutrients foods such as vitamin d, vitamin B12, fish and seafood also contain many nutrients that make the human feel good psychic.

* Her role in the prevention of many diseases, scientists have found that there are foods that contribute to the prevention of cancer, for example, like broccoli, fruit cream, dark vegetables, etc.

* Contribute to the protection of weak blood diseases, anemia, iron compounds, which contain many dietary foods contribute to protect the body from lack of iron causes anemia and consequent weakness of the body, as there are some nutrients like vitamin c, which helps the body absorb iron and this underlines the importance of the integration and diversification of food to maximize benefit.
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The Importance of Proper Nutrition
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