A nervous boy

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 A nervous boy

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There was a nervous boy and was constantly losing his father gave him a bag filled with
With nails and told him:
Son, I want you to knock a nail at wooden garden fence as anger spread all over you
And lose your temper.
And so the boy began to implement his father's advice.
This hotel on the first day 37 screws, but enter the screw into the fence wasn't easy.
So he started trying to get over himself when angry, and then days later was hammering nails less,
In the weeks he managed to control himself, and stop anger and nailing, came
His father and tell him to accomplish this transformation, the father rejoiced, and said to him: but now, son.
Extract the nail for every day that passes you'll never get angry.
The boy began to remove screws on the day you don't get angry until I finish
Nails into the fence.
He came to his father and tell him to do it again, taking his father to the fence and told him, son.
Well done, but look at those holes in the fence, the fence will not be
It never was, and added:
When you say things in anger, they leave marks like these holes in the hearts of others.
You can stab and graduated the knife but no matter how many times you say: I'm sorry
Because the wound would remain there.
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A nervous boy
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