Love and time

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 Love and time

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Love and time
Once upon a time there was an island where all the almshaaraasht: happiness and sadness and
Knowledge and all the others, including love, the day he announced that the island would sink,
All boats built left, except love.
Love was the only one left. love wanted to withstand even the last possible moment.
When the Island sank almost, love decided to ask for help over the richness of Facebook
Love of big boat, love: can you take me with you? Rich reply: "no,
I can't, there's a lot of gold and silver in my boat, there's no place for you.
Love vanity question decided that passes also in beautiful ship: vanity, please help?
Vanity replied: "I can't help you, you're all wet and may damage my boat."
Sadness was close by, so love asked him: "sadness let me go with you" answer grief:
Oh.. Love I am very sad to have to be alone.
Also love happiness passed but she was so happy that you haven't heard of love when he called her.
Suddenly there was a voice, "come love I'll take you" it was great, even the humble elder love
Forgot to ask Sheikh where they are going?
When they got to land marched in his own way. And realize how much he owed to the Sheik.
Sal love knowledge (Sheikh): "help me?"
Knowledge-answer: "it was time".
Time! Asking "but why did time help me?"
Knowledge smiled with wisdom and answer: "because time is the only one who can understand –
How much love is precious. "

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Love and time
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